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We at Wilson Quality Millwork know that many of our customer's are very interested in who we are and how we provide such high-quality products at reasonable prices. To that end we provide for everyone the following information about WQM... so that we can start a solid working relationship with all of our customers.

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WQM's Mission:
Wilson Quality Millwork was established to provide quality custom and standard millwork to customers of all sizes throughout the world. Establishing higher standards and better service are at the forefront of our ongoing mission, all in the aim of providing our customers a variety of options at reasonable prices.

WQM's Outlook:
Wilson Quality Millwork was established in 1995 to meet the needs of the world's many builders and manufacturers who wanted more millworking options without sacrificing quality of workmanship.

Moulding and millwork give a home or office it's style and character and Wilson Quality Millwork was founded to assist individuals in creating and capturing that style and character. Wilson seeks to push the limits of the imagination at every turn by offering custom products, as well as a growing selection of standard products, giving each of our customers the ability to let their creativity flow. It is our goal to give all of our customers, from individual homebuilders to furniture manufacturers, a greater range of options, with excellent service, at reasonable prices.

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I wish to thank wilson Quality Millwork for the opportunity to work with them on my development "Deerbrook" encompassing 180 acres of West Virginia. We have been very pleased with the quality of your materials, service from your firm and its employees, and pricing of materials over the past several years. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the people at your firm in every regard to the purchase of supplies, design of products, and service in completion of our projects.
Roger Main, II - President
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